Bozeman, Montana Real Estate - Area Statistics

Bozeman, MT

4.793 ft

Climate: Growing season of 107 days, frosts lasting from September to May.  Summer is pleasant, with few over 100 degree days, but winter often dips below 0 degrees.  Spring brings the most moisture through rain and snow.  We have a saying, "If you don't like the weather in Montana, wait five minutes and it will change!"
     July's Average Temp is 82 degrees.
     December's Average Temp is 35.4 degrees.
     Average Snowfall is 73.1 inches, with a summer precipitation of 18.61 inches.

Top Industries:
Construction, Retail/Trade Activity, Agriculture, Entrepreneurial Business, Tourism & Recreation, and Montana State University is the Valley's largest employer.

Real Estate: 
924 houses/condos per sq. mile
$856 is the average rent
57% renters in Bozeman, 31% in Montana. 
(this high number can be attributed to the University and its students.)
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"From the lovely surroundings and recreational activities, to the friendly town folk and low crime rate, Bozeman offers attractive demographics when looking for a place to settle."

  • One of the fastest growing communities in Montana, Bozeman’s population is fast approaching 40,000. The male population is a little over 52% while females are a bit over 47%. Approximately 93.8% are White, 1.9% American Indian and 1.6% Hispanic. The highest ancestry of the population is German and the second is Irish.

  • Most likely due to the existence of Montana State University and the vast opportunities for outdoor recreation, Bozeman has a younger than average population of 27.2 years.

  • Over 94% of the population had a high school education or higher.

  • The median household income for all of Gallatin Valley is $60,931. The median household income for Bozeman is $42.972. Unemployment has been lower in Bozeman than in the rest of Montana, averaging 1.5%.