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Bozeman Maps

These maps were created by the City of Bozeman GIS Department. They are also offered in hard-copy format available from the Engineering and Planning Office located at 20 E. Olive Street. For a list of prices click here. The following links are provided for viewing Adobe .PDF files of each map. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the .PDF files. If you do not have this free software, click the following button:

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WARNING:  You will need to 'save a copy' to your computer to view most maps (right mouse click on the PDF icon and choose "Save Target As").  An incomplete map will be displayed when the file is too large to be viewed over the web - save a copy to your machine and try again.

Street Map:  Revised:  5/1/09

Street Map          Street Map     (9mb)

Zoning Map - Black & White:  Revised:  5/1/09

Zoning Map          Zoning Map     (4 mb)

Zoning Map - Color:  Revised:  5/1/09

Zoning Map          Zoning Map     (4 mb)

Community Plan Map:  Revised:  6/1/09

Community Plan Map          Community Plan Map     (<1 mb)

Annexation Map:  Revised:  1/1/10

Annexation Map          Annexation Map     (5 mb)

Neighborhood Map:  Revised:  6/11/09

Neighborhood Map          Neighborhood Map     (1 mb)

Historic Preservation Districts Map:  Revised:  7/01/01

Historic District Map          Historic District Map     (<1 mb)

Parks Map:  Revised:  5/1/09

Parks Map          Parks Map     (2 mb)

PROST Map (Parks, Recreation, Open Space &Trails):   Revised:  12/11/07

PROST Plan Map          PROST Plan Map    (>9 mb)

Snow Removal Map:  Revised:  12/16/08

Snow Removal Map          Snow Removal Map     (<1 mb)

Special Improvement Districts Map: Revised:  1/15/07

SID Map          SID Map     (3 mb)

Payback Districts Map:  Revised:  1/15/07

Payback Map          Payback Map     (3 mb)

Parking Districts Map:  Revised:  8/9/10

Parking Districts Map          Parking District Map     (<1 mb)

Downtown District Map:  Revised:  12/8/08

Downtown Districts Map          Downtown Districts Map     (<3 mb)

Well & Septic Map:  Revised:  2/22/07

Well & Septic Map          Well & Septic Map     (>10 mb)